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Experiential Diversity Project 

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The Year 9 - 12 schools workshop

Our standard high-school workshops are structured into four segments that run for a total of 90 minutes. We open with a welcome icebreaker activity.  Then, each diverse presenter tells their personal story. After a few minutes of small-group discussion, students can seek answers to any question they've been wanting to ask (anonymous questions are encouraged!).

We pride ourselves on experiential, experimental, non-traditional learning through conversations with people from different walks of life, who many students never get the chance to engage with. The team believes in combating stereotypes and celebrating diverse Australians through dialogue. Like always, we don't come with scripted speeches or agendas. We want the student cohort, to shape the conversation and set their own agenda. We look forward to fearless, honest, and unabashed questions. 

If you don't believe a session like this could work - see our Testimonials page.

What we do 

Diversity, honesty, respect, and inclusion

An atheist, a feminist, an engineer, a depression survivor, a Muslim, a Jew, an Indigenous Australian, and a police officer are all in the same room together. What happens? Sounds like that old joke on steroids. 

What happens when you get to ask them any uncensored, unabashed, and anonymous questions you have always wanted to get the answers to? People are sometimes afraid to ask questions out of fear of seeming “stupid” and yet the smartest, most successful people on the planet are often the ones who ask good questions with an open mind. 

The Ask Me Anything workshop is about teams of diverse volunteer presenters visiting schools, and events around Canberra and regional NSW, to share their personal stories and invite everyone to ask questions they know you've always wanted to. The Ask Me Anything team know good questions are the beginning of meaningful dialogue, increased understanding, and positive action to make our communities more informed, and more inclusive of all Australians.  See what teachers and students have said about our workshops here

Our workshops can provide students, staff and/or the wider community, an opportunity to talk face-to-face with diverse locals and seek answers to questions they may not normally have the chance to ask. The team aims to shatter stereotypes and misconceptions, and develop mutual respect.  Let the Ask Me Anything team create a safe space for your students, staff, and/or the community to self-direct their understanding of diverse peoples, and engage with a range of topics including: identity, culture, body-image, depression, racism, disability, halal, terrorism, mutual respect, gender, sexuality, religion, values, PokemonGo and any other topics they care about.