Experiential Diversity Project 

I cannot rave enough about how fantastic the session was.  I must admit that I was surprised at how engaged the students were.  I had no previous knowledge of the session, or how it worked, and I was thoroughly impressed with the way that each presenter spoke. They allowed the students to see such different facets of themselves and it was so inspiring... 

- Kathleen Notley, Head of Year 9 and Round Square Representative,  Radford College

The Ask Me Anything team was excellent – they were well prepared, flexible and most importantly honest and open to all questions. Our students were inspired to learn more about Indigenous culture and to continue to seek answers to their questions in a respectful manner.

I was impressed by both our students questions and the way in which they were answered. I am particularly impressed with the voluntary nature of the AMA speakers – what a wonderful service to our students and community. Thank you!

-Jo Monteith, Deputy Principal, Caroline Chisholm High School 

Recent testimonials

Shifra Joseph – who through Socratic questioning – Ask me anything – opened up her audience to countenance ‘dangerous’ ideas.

- Father Nikolai Blaskow, Chaplain, Radford College

The Senior School lecture theatre was abuzz with words, ideas and questions on Saturday, as the Dirrum Dirrum 2016 Festival once again brought an incredible roster of inspiring speakers to Canberra....​....Shifra Joseph recounted the clear memory of experiencing racism from the mother of a playmate as a small girl. It was a powerful motivator for her subsequent work with multi-faith organisations and her founding of the Ask Me Anything workshops for schools, designed to give students the freedom to ask the difficult questions that highlight our differences. “To help solve prejudice, you need to be aware of it and you can’t be aware of it if you don’t talk about it,” Shifra said.

- Communications Manager Mick Bunworth, Radford College

Our school was fortunate to have the Ask Me Anything team run a workshop with our high school students on racism with two Indigenous community members. The Ask Me Anything team set up a respectful and safe environment where students felt comfortable asking the panel members anything. The workshop was a huge success with the students and we would love to have the Ask Me Anything team back in our school again.

- Patricia Marton, Year 8/9 Caroline Chisholm High School

The session was excellent, and the students were so engaged with the stories of the presenters and the answers to their questions. It was definitely a worthwhile workshop, and I would recommend this to others.

The students seemed to really like the diversity of the presenters, however, they were particularly interested in Police Sergeant Adrian. His grounded and down-to-earth manner, honesty and bluntness really engaged students and he even showed them how the police handcuff people – they loved that!

- Danielle Sheville, Year 9/10 Coordinator, Gold Creek High School 

Our presenters are just normal people who have gone through difficult times and interesting experiences. Throughout their lives, our team have answered curly questions about who they are, where they come from, and a range of other topics such as:

Australian society and culture, atheism, anti-Semitism, being bullied and being the bully, body image, cyber-bullying, colonisation vs settlement vs invasion, camping, cross-cultural communication, Christianity, converting to Islam, depression, discrimination, divorce, eating disorders, engineering, family, friendship, failure, faith, feminism, finding your passion, gaming, gender, halal, and haram, head-covering, homelessness, hate-crime,  homosexuality, hiking, Indian culture, Indigenous disadvantage, Islam, Islamophobia, justice system, Judaism, kosher laws, LGBTIQ, living overseas, losing weight, love, married life, Mac vs PC, mental illness, motivation, prejudice, prayer, PokemonGo, racism, regrets, relationships, resilience, religious extremism, sex, sexism, skin-colour, self-improvement, suicide, tattoo artistry, terrorism, travel, US President Trump, unconscious bias, working as a police officer, working as a civil rights lawyer, vegan and vegetarianism, violent crime, volunteering, and youth leadership.