7pm on Tuesday 8 November we invited you to ask us anything at Smith's Alternative in Canberra. Check out the highlights video.

It was an inspirational, experimental and audience-powered event where you guys asked some truly honest, unabashed and uncensored live questions using our Qualtrics created question tool. Thank you all so much! We're looking forward to running our next Ask Me Anything adults event soon. Now more than ever, Canberra and the world needs more diversity and inclusivity workshops to further respect for the 'other'.

Thank you to Nigel from Smiths Alternative, to Frank from Qualtrics, and to our brave and eloquent presenters: 

  • Heya (bi-sexual, trans woman, singer-songwriter and software developer)
  • Rob (Atheist, Feminist, gamer)
  • Scott (Indigenous Australian, father of three) 
  • Shifra (Jewish, yogi, zombie obsessed)
  • Brice (Muslim-American, coffee-addict)

Big thanks to our facilitators - Catherine and Saba - you were amaze balls, and to Kaley for her record keeping and attention to detail. What a fantastic inaugural event!  

Most importantly, to our audience, THANK YOU for asking live questions and making the night possible.

The Ask Me Anything team run schools programs for high schools around Canberra, Australia (maybe even Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane one day). Our team believes in kicking down stereotypes, and building mutual understanding between real people.

A previously homeless police-office (Rod), an atheist-feminist who found out her father was gay in high-school (Kay), a Jewish woman of colour (Shifra), a coffee obsessed Muslim-American (Brice), and an Indigenous youth worker (Scott), ran a brilliant Ask Me Anything schools session with 175 Year 9s at Radford College, Canberra. Students asked about 70 thought provoking questions about the presenters personal experiences. Most of them anonymous. The two hours went by so quickly and presenters covered some important topics and themes:
• our personal journeys, family and community
• depression/anxiety,
• resilience and perseverance,
• substance abuse,
• prejudice and discrimination,
• feminism, sexuality and gender issues,
• terrorism and violence,
• Indigenous Australian culture and dance,
• a question on Pokemon Go, and
• a maths question, which they answered correctly, to applause!

Yes, they really did want Radford students to ask anything.  They really did answer the questions from the perspective of their personal and shared experiences. The Ask Me Anything team would much rather you hear answers to those pressing questions about racism, religion, feminism, body image, terrorism, crime and all those other sensitive and sometimes controversial issues straight from our diverse presenters rather than getting a sensationalized and blinkered perspective, sometimes portrayed in media.

Valentine's Day AMA

Diversity and pay-gap bake sale

Canberra Moon Festival, 10 September 2016

The ask me anything diversity and pay-gap bake sale at the Canberra Moon Festival, Old Bus Depot markets was an incredible success!! Thank you all for your support, for having a chat and asking questions! We served over 120 festival goers and had great conversations about unconscious bias, gender pay-gap, disadvantage, prejudice and our "controversial" pricing structure.  We charged men, Anglo Aussies, and able bodied customers more than we charged 1. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, 2. culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD), 3. female or gender queer, and 4. customers living with a disability ( eg. osteoporosis and anxiety).

Contact us if you'd like a copy of our fact sheet, or more information about our pricing structure. Read our blog entry here.

We even gave away a couple of cupcakes for free to festival goers who identified as all four socio-economically disadvantaged groups.  

Ask Me Anything @ Caroline Chisholm School

The Ask Me Anything team partner with Curious Canberra to speak with students at Caroline Chisholm School about Indigenous identity. 

Check out the Curious Canberra article here. 

Ask Me Anything at Radford College, ACT

2016 events

The Ask Me Anything schools presenters come from all walks of life, but share a common passion for combating stereotypes through understanding and respect.

A list of all our amazing presenters, including short bios, can be found here. Please contact us if your require a speakers profile or more information about the programs and speakers we offer. 

The ask me anything team believes constructive engagement and real dialogue starts with fearless, honest, and unabashed questions. There are no “stupid questions”.

Our program is about experiential, experimental, non-traditional learning through conversations with people from different walks of life, who you usually never get the chance to talk to, but have always wanted to.

Come join us at Smith's Alternative on Valentine's Day, 14 February 2017 at 7pm, to get your chance to ask any question you want from our diverse panel of: 

  • Tenpa (Buddhist nun, ABBA fan)
  • Rob (Atheist, Feminist, gamer)  
  • Dr Gávi (Orthodox Jew, married to another man) 
  • Brice (Muslim-American, coffee-addict)

The Ask Me Anything team run schools programs for high schools around Canberra, Australia. Our team believes in kicking down stereotypes, and building mutual understanding between real people.

Adults-only AMA diversity event in Canberra

Community powered learning  

2017 events

Ask Me Anything at Dirrum Dirrum Conference 

Igniting Action